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Its been a long time since my last blog. I have had a lot of exciting stuff happening in my life in between. I graduated, got my first full paper selected at a major AI conference, did an internship with Adobe’s Media and Data Science Research team where I worked on a really exciting new field (more on that later) and went on a solo tour to my home state at the end of it. As I write this post I am traveling again, this time to Jaipur for a weekend. For a while now, I have been retrospecting about how these four years of undergraduate life have gone by. Overall it has been a sweet cocktail of highs and lows and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in college. But I still remember the feeling of uncertainty that plagued me when I was a fresher, the lost opportunities and mistakes (or blunders :-) ) committed due to lack of awareness about things related to undergraduate engineering. Now that I have finally left my college (and I also have some free time at my disposal), I think I can look back and examine my undergraduate years to derive some suggestions, cautions, advice, etc. Things that I would tell a younger version of myself if I could go back in time. I summarize all of that in the form of this Survival Guide for Undergrads.

Starting from 10th September, I am working as a research intern at MIDAS lab at IIIT-Delhi. MIDAS is actually an acronym that stands for Multimodal Digital Media Analysis. Headed by Dr. Rajiv Ratn Shah, the group currently conducts research across a broad spectrum of domains such as speech recognition, lip reading, musing generation, social media analysis etc. (these are the ones I know 😁). MIDAS is a young research group, it started out in early 2018. Notwithstanding the short time since its inception, MIDAS has distinguished itself in top-tier conferences like EMNLP and ACM Multimedia.